Viper SmartStart app goes to 2.0, gets potentially cheaper and throws roadside assistance into the mix

About a year ago Viper got into the app game, releasing SmartStart the iPhone and allowing control of the locks, trunk, and ignition on their car. Since then Android and BlackBerry versions have trickled out, but now it’s time for 2.0. What wondrous new functionality does this new major release offer? Not much, really, but it does come with one major improvement: cost. Before you were out at least $299 while the new version is said to cost as little as $199 according to the PR below, though the wording is awfully vague. PR states you can find “dealers advertising Viper SmartStart as low as $199,” but under Viper’s 2.0 site the MSRP is stated to be $299 — the same as before. So, YMMV on the price cut, apparently depending on what your local dealer feels like charging, but know that whatever you pay you’ll now get “Viper Motor Club” roadside assistance included. That should offer a little extra peace of mind as we enter dead battery season.
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