The VENOM 400™ is only active when peak performance is required. During normal driving the VENOM 400™ remains passive until the microcomputer determines that engine airflow and throttle position warrants increased performance. Normal fuel
economy prevails while under normal load.

Enhances the performance gains achieved by installing an upgraded chip. Whatever the gains are as specified within the chip, they will be magnified through the use of the VENOM 400™.

The VENOM 400™ has an off switch so smog certification is achieved when not racing.

The VENOM 400™ will not trigger the emission safeguards of today’s vehicles.

Easy installation in 20 – 30 minutes with basic hand tools requiring only four electrical connections.

Red cockpit LED indicating VENOM 400™ activation.
Up to 25% or more increase in horsepower throughout the power range of 1,000 to 5,000 rpms (where the
vehicles red line is 6,000 rpm).

The flat spot or delay found with automatic transmission downshifts, which can be as much as three seconds, is eliminated. When equipped with auto instead of manual.

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