It’spart mind reader, part weatherman.Viper just made your morning commute smarter with Viper SmartStart 3.0, the first smartphone app that serves as a cloud-connected remote start system and offers SmartSchedule – a patent-pending feature that lets your phone know to warm up your car before you do.

“Viper is the only company in the game bringing customers the revolutionary features of the cloud-connected car,” said Mike Simmons, President of Directed. “Viper SmartStart 3.0 offers drivers unprecedented connectivity with their vehicles – and this is only the beginning, we have a lot more to come for our customers.”

Viper SmartStart 3.0’s groundbreaking new features include:

SmartSchedule: Cutting-edge new mobile tech that sends smart behavior-based alerts when it’s time to remote-start your car.

Cloud-Connected Car: Ground-breaking new connectivity through the Directed Cloud Services (DCS) network that links the car, app, end user and the internet.

Vehicle Status: Not only can you locate your vehicle with GPS – but know that it’s running, armed, locked, and more.

Auxiliary Channels: A new feature with literally limitless potential, customize your app to interact remotely with any part of your car – roll down your windows/sunroof, blast the radio – anything that you can imagine! Make your own Viper SmartStart experience.

Vehicle Diagnostics: Get ahead of engine trouble – alerts sent to your smartphone help you know the health of your car from the cloud.

With Viper SmartStart 3.0, you can now control your car from your smartphone using the power of the cloud. There’s also SmartStart Bluetooth available starting at $129, with no service plan required.

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