Steelmate back up sensors for South jersey,Philadelphia and delaware

Steelmate USA shows three systems as a GOOD, BETTER, BEST comparison to the choices of Parking Assist Systems for small cars that have BLIND SPOTS and can use assistance for parking and backing up.

GOOD – The Stage One system features the company’s 2 sensor system, PTS200N, with rear mount display and two sensors mounted in the rear bumper cover. These are usually done in a matching color to the bumper cover. System has audible BEEP progressions and Visual Distance Readout on display.

BETTER – The Stage Two system features the PTS400M7 with 4 rear sensors and an ultra SLIM display that can mount on the rearview mirror for a stealth and OE looking installation.The system features audible BEEP tones, VOICE Prompts, and Distance Readout on display.

BEST – The Stage Three system is the best of “all-world’s” and adds a backup camera with video Overlay, to show the distance on top of the cameras picture. This system has VOICE prompts, audible BEEP tones, as well as, distance readout on-screen. The video output from the system is composite video and plugs into the backup camera input on most AV/Radios.

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