Precision Interface Electronics

Principal in PIE’s presentation is a demonstration of interface and device charging technology that enables the playback of digital audio from the new iPhone 5 and the just-announced fourth-generationiPad to a standard source unit, such as a car stereo or portable speaker system. PIE plans to deploy the technology in an array of new products over the coming year.

“Apple’s new offerings are pretty exciting devices,” said Eddie Lucero, chief product engineer at PIE. “The Lightning connector enables the company to downsize its components to meet an ever-increasing consumer demand. To that end, we are being just as diligent to deliver compatible technology solutions to our customers as well.”

In addition, PIE will demonstrate its AV-IPA, an audio / video interface with 2.1-amp charging circuit designed for the higher power requirements of the second- and third-generation iPads. The Apple- certified interface also gives the user direct control over the video output setting of the iOS device.

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