iPod smart-cable connection

 Cables or black box (actually silver box) modules specific to Apple’s all-conquering iPod connect into the CD changer jack or the back of the radio’s CD changer / satellite radio jack. They pass the signal to the radio and charge your iPod at the same time. Some modules pass artist, track, and title information to the car radio. Others (Harman/Kardon drive+play, Monster Cable iCruze) have their own small LCD panels that mount on the dash, replacing the display of your iPod, which can be safely stashed in the glovebox. Costs range from $100 to $250.

Pro: Excellent sound, battery recharge, (sometimes) song information passed to car radio or dedicated LCD panel.Con: Costly. Complex (for you, not the shop) installation. Disables iPod faceplate/controls, May limit you to a half-dozen playlists with specific names.