Infinity G37 custom lights

Took this hot car and customized the headlights. We took the headlights and customized a black chrome. Took the factory reflector and made it white to match the car. We also black chromed the factory grill top and bottom added a mesh grill on the bottom.

Added foglights to a a car that didnt have the option to.

We had to remove the factory windshield washer reservoir. Installed a smaller one so passenger foglight could fit.

Smoked out front and rear lights and installed accent lighting in the interior though out.

We also added a Ipod cord and Avital 5303 to add security to this car.

g37 smoked out rear custom lights g37 g37 front lights g37 front lights 2 g37 glowing door emblem g37 interior lights

Brought to you by Highend car stereo