BMW 750i customized

This customer came in to Highend with the intentions of getting a serious sound quality system.

He had his own speakers he purchased over 10 years ago and needed amplifiers a processor and a great install to give him what he wanted.

We installed the Audison Bit one processor, two Audison Av 5.1 K 5channel amplifiers.

We installed a 3 way set up consisting of 8′,4″ and tweet on his front doors.

A 6.5″ componet 2-way for his rear doors.Two Vmax 1500’s for 750 outside picfront doors 3 way BMW 2 way rear doors BMW 2-way rear doors bmw 2 3 way front doors BMW audison amps customized batteries for bmw bit one customized 2 bit one.1 customized

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