ATV Motorcycle Kit – 2.1 Million Color Led kit

Bring lighting where it’s never gone before, with a PlasmaGlow Motorcycle/ATV Lighting Kit. Each Kit contains everything you need to add style to your Motorcycle or ATV, as well as highlight your modifications or special parts. Included are 4 Color-Changing LED Tubes (Two 9 Inch Tubes and Two 6 Inch Tubes) to provide a glow under your Motorcycle or ATV, on the asphalt or off. These strips contain wide angle LED’s for a wide-spread glow, no matter how low your bike is! Also included are 4 Color-Changing Extreme LEDs for highlighting chrome or any other part of your bike. Every part of this kit is lightweight and durable to withstand the hazards of a low slung or off-road bike.

Brought to you by Highend car stereo