Alpine Ships Pandora-Controlling CD Receivers

Torrance, Calif. – Alpine has rolled out its 2012 line of single-DIN CD receivers, which are priced from an expected everyday $179 to $299.Alpine’s $219 CDE-HD137BT features HD Radio and ability to control Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone and on a Bluetooth-connected Android or BlackBerry phone.
They include the company’s first head units to use Bluetooth to wirelessly control a Pandora Internet radio app running on a BlackBerry or Android smartphone.

The five-SKU lineup also includes the company’s first heads with USB 2.0 technology. USB 2.0 is available in all 2012 USB-equipped head units, enabling head-unit navigation of music stored on USB-connected Android phones by song, artist, album, playlist, genre and composer.

The company also expanded its selection of HD Radios, incorporating the technology in three of the single-DIN units and in three other head units, up from last year’s one.

Four of the single-DIN CD receivers offer full Pandora Internet radio control, either through a Pandora app running on a USB-connected iPhone or on Bluetooth-connected Android and BlackBerry phones.

The CD receiver lineup also includes the company’s first head units with Bluetooth’s secure simple pairing (SSP) to simplify pairing with newer smartphones, display a phone’s battery level, display cellular signal level and received-message icons, and support call waiting.

The four receivers that feature Bluetooth also feature a sound maximizer to improve the sound quality of incoming calls and a separate microphone.

The line starts with the $179 CDE-134HD with HD Radio, iTunes tagging, iPod/iPhone USB, USB mass-storage mode with MP3 support, front aux-in jack, high-and low-pass filters with subwoofer phase and level controls, 4×18-watt amp and three-band parametric EQ,

The $189 CDE-135BT lacks HD Radio but adds the following key features: Bluetooth-enabled control of Pandora on a BlackBerry or Android phone, Bluetooth stereo, and ability to be controlled from factory steering-wheel controls with an optional interface.

The $199 CDE-136BT adds three preouts but lacks HD Radio. The $219 CDE-HD137BT adds HD Radio to the CDE-136BT’s key feature set.

At $299, the CDE-HD138BT adds the following features to the $219 model’s key features: a port for the universal SiriusXM SXV200 tuner, MediaXpander Pro DSP to improve compressed sound quality, USB mass-storage mode that supports theMP3/WMA/AAC codecs, three 4-volt preouts and five-band parametric EQ.
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