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Snow Performance Stage 2 Z32 Boost Cooler Water Injection Kit

This kit uses manifold boost pressure to determine when and how much fluid to inject. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives the most accurate delivery of water-methanol and allows the most cooling and performance improvement over the widest range. More power and driveability is the result. It can be used on any forced induction engine: carbureted, fuel injected, turbocharged, positive displacement or centrifugal blowers. The most suitable are the centrifugal supercharged and turbocharged engines, as they build boost is a more progressive manner concerning water-methanol injection. The positive displacement blower engines will work, but it might take more work to dial in the delivery. For higher boost applications (over 25psi), the controller can be upgraded to our VC100 unit.

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New Outlaw 18″ LED Offroad Light

New LED Offroad Lights by PlasmaGlow

PlasmaGlow LED Offroad Lights are designed to outperform every Offroad Light on the market. With an aluminum enclosure, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and Made in USA Cree LEDs, no other light can match their performance. They are available in 4 styles. All styles are rated for over 50,000 hours of use, operate on 10-30 Volts, and are completely waterproof. 1-Year Warranty

The 18″ Outlaw LED Offroad Light only draws 90 watts, but outputs over 10,000 lumens.

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Ipad intergration taken to a whole new level

We are installing an Ipad 3 in a 2011 S5 trunk lid. It will be removable with dedicated speakers in the trunk lid so you can play on its own.

Keep in touch will be posted via on our face book and Utube

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Viper Great deal! VSS4000 for $199.99

Start and unlock your car from a far distance via your Apple® iPod touch®, iPhone®, Blackberry, or Android smartphone with this SmartStart system that eliminates the need to carry the remote control on your key ring.

You can purchase a VSS4000 for $199.99 (while supplies last).

We can also install for you typically the same day.

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The new INE-S920HD instock!

With a 6.1” WVGA screen, New My Favorites, Easy sound setup, and built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, the INE-S920HD offers fast-access to favorite sources, plus entertainment, information, and navigation features that can be tailored to the driver and the vehicle.

Come check it out on our display and amazing piece.

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Mercedes SLR Mclaren custom job

USA SPEC – Bluetooth/ ipod Integration For Honda Vehicles

With our highly anticipated new interfaces you will be able to ……… 

  • On Screen Caller ID
  • Auto Mute sound from all sources – AM, FM, CD, SAT
  • Retains SAT Tuner and/or iPod Integration
  • Steering wheel controls – Receive and End Call Commands
  • Use the interface with both JBL and non-JBL Toyota/Lexus Radios
  • Stream Music From A2DP Bluetooth Profile supported Devices
  • Packaged With ALL Cables Required For Most Installations
  • Compatible with most bluetooth enabled cell phones and smart phones.

Works on New 2012 Honda Fit and  Honda Civic Call for Details!!!!

Shipping June 25-30!!!

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Viper Goes to the Cloud With SmartStart 3.0

Viper has announced the arrival of its SmartStart 3.0 app. The app is connected to the cloud for the first time, and offers a SmartSchedule feature that lets the user’s phone know to warm up the car.

“Viper is the only company in the game bringing customers the revolutionary features of the cloud-connected car,” Mike Simmons, President of Viper parent company Directed, said as part of the announcement. “Viper SmartStart 3.0 offers drivers unprecedented connectivity with their vehicles – and this is only the beginning, we have a lot more to come for our customers.

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Steelmate back up sensors for South jersey,Philadelphia and delaware

Steelmate USA shows three systems as a GOOD, BETTER, BEST comparison to the choices of Parking Assist Systems for small cars that have BLIND SPOTS and can use assistance for parking and backing up.

GOOD – The Stage One system features the company’s 2 sensor system, PTS200N, with rear mount display and two sensors mounted in the rear bumper cover. These are usually done in a matching color to the bumper cover. System has audible BEEP progressions and Visual Distance Readout on display.

BETTER – The Stage Two system features the PTS400M7 with 4 rear sensors and an ultra SLIM display that can mount on the rearview mirror for a stealth and OE looking installation.The system features audible BEEP tones, VOICE Prompts, and Distance Readout on display.

BEST – The Stage Three system is the best of “all-world’s” and adds a backup camera with video Overlay, to show the distance on top of the cameras picture. This system has VOICE prompts, audible BEEP tones, as well as, distance readout on-screen. The video output from the system is composite video and plugs into the backup camera input on most AV/Radios.

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JL Audio Announces Stealthbox for Porsche 911 (996) For years: 1998-2004

For the classic Porsche 911, JL Audio devised a low-profile Stealthbox solution that mounts firmly behind the rear seats on the cargo shelf. The sealed enclosure design houses two (yes, two) down-firing, thin-line 13.5-inch drivers to deliver serious low-frequency impact and sound quality. You won’t believe the jaw-dropping bass produced by this system!

The Hard Data: Contains two 13TW5-3 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure. 1200 watt power handling. Wired for 1.5 ohm mono. Black steel mesh woofer grilles are included. Requires removal of OEM subwoofer, if so equipped.

This Porsche box that rocks is available now.

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