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The VENOM 400™ is only active when peak performance is required. During normal driving the VENOM 400™ remains passive until the microcomputer determines that engine airflow and throttle position warrants increased performance. Normal fuel
economy prevails while under normal load.

Enhances the performance gains achieved by installing an upgraded chip. Whatever the gains are as specified within the chip, they will be magnified through the use of the VENOM 400™.

The VENOM 400™ has an off switch so smog certification is achieved when not racing.

The VENOM 400™ will not trigger the emission safeguards of today’s vehicles.

Easy installation in 20 – 30 minutes with basic hand tools requiring only four electrical connections.

Red cockpit LED indicating VENOM 400™ activation.
Up to 25% or more increase in horsepower throughout the power range of 1,000 to 5,000 rpms (where the
vehicles red line is 6,000 rpm).

The flat spot or delay found with automatic transmission downshifts, which can be as much as three seconds, is eliminated. When equipped with auto instead of manual.

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New strobing Brake Controller

Increase visibility with the PlasmaGlow Brake Light Strobe Controller. This advanced controller will make your tail lights strobe whenever you hit the brakes. There are two modes, two seconds of strobe then solid, or continuous strobe. The Strobe Controller requires LED bulbs in the brake light, and is compatible with any vehicle or motorcycle.

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SmartKey Starter® Remote Start Interface Now Available for Mercedes-Benz ML-Class SUV’s

Chicago, IL — SmartKey Starter® for Mercedes-Benz now features compatibility with the newly released 2012 ML-Class SUV (w166). The new SKS166 provides a plug and play connection to the vehicle’s network, allowing the driver to remotely start their vehicle with their factory key.

In addition to the factory key, SmartKey Starter® features plug & play compatibility with select long-range remotes, and smartphone applications. These not only increase the range of the system, but also give the user more flexible options.

Installers benefit from a simple and straightforward installation, while end-users enjoy a convenient and elegant feature.

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The new Modular society wheel

Modular Society is recognized in the aftermarket wheel industry as an “innovative design company”. Our strength comes from the ability to integrate original designs with innovative engineering. This, combined with our rapid prototype and development process, makes Modular Society the world leader in cutting edge design.

1. All designs begin as a freestyle sketch allowing unlimited freedom. 98% of the designs do not make it past this stage.

2. Once a wheel looks attractive on paper, the design team will create a 2D drawing using CAD software. At this stage we are focused on making the design features balanced and proportional. We are always pushing the limits of what our machining equipment can produce.

3. After the 2D is finished, the part is created into a 3D model. This process is similar to how a video game is made. Only 1% of all designs make it past this stage.

4. The final part is photo rendered to create a life like appearance. This is necessary in order to make sure that a design is appealing before making the investment to manufacture the wheel.

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Alpine Electronics Now instock New 1-DIN CD Receivers

The receivers offer various connectivity options for popular digital audio sources.  Three of the new models have built-in HD Radio™ receivers, allowing access to over 2,000 stations broadcasting with HD Radio Technology.  Four models offer full Pandora® internet radio control, including thumbs-up, thumbs-down, track skip, bookmarking, and new station creation.  Depending on the model, this full control is available via the Pandora app on an iPhone® connected via USB, or from Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphones using Bluetooth® wireless technology.  When either HD Radio or Pandora is playing, song, artist and album name will scroll on the display.

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Did You Know?All USA SPEC Models Support Pandora, Livio, iHeart Radio and Other Streaming Services!!

USA Spec Supports Pandora, LIVIO, Sirius XM, & iHeartRadio!!

  • Supports Pandora, Livio, Sirius, XM and More
  • Get great sound from your music streaming sources directly to your OEM radio
  • Fast easy access to streaming sources accessed right from your radio
  • Retains SAT TUNER features and functions on all MODELS 
  • 100’s Of Applications Our Competitors DO NO HAVE  
  • Packaged With ALL Cables Required For Most Installations
  • Compatible with most all iPods-Including New 4G iPhone, Nano, Touch 

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